Saturday, October 9, 2010

Random facts about me that you should know.

I like ignoring people when I feel like it.

It pisses me off if the people I ignore keeps bugging me to talk to them when I'm ignoring them.

I ignore alot of people when I'm in the mood to ignore people.

But that doesn't mean I hate you, I just dont want to talk to you for awhile. :)

I dislike people who I'm not close to who wants to talk to me every second of every day. It annoys me.

I hate All Talk No Action people. ATNA.

I love dogs. :D

I'm homo. You should know that anyway.

I dislike noobs who ask me important stuff over texts/msn.

I loathe maths.

I want to fly off as soon as possible.

I will cry if I dont get my visa.

I rebuilded my walls.

But sometimes walls are built not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.

Whiny bitches irk me.

I'm studying for the sake of money.

I listen if you call me up just to cry on the phone.

I argue with the people I care for. Or I wont even bother.

I dont bitchfight much anymore. I have a faster way to solve stuff now. Wham.

I hate myself for this doubt.

I know what God gifted to me. Because so many people tell me what god gave me. And I thank god for it. :)

I used to be bulimic.

I used to hate how I looked like. And whenever I looked into the mirror I have the urge to punch myself.

I'm gay. Oh wait I wold you guys.

This post is getting really long. So I shall leave so much random facts for now. :) Live, learn, breathe, eat it. :D Bye.


Guys cant handle girls nowadays which is why I feel the lesbian rate keeps increasing. -Jersy Shore.

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