Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HBC '10

Okkkkkkkayyy. I know I've been gone for damn long. I've been extremely lazyyyy and whatever I want to blog gets outt of my mind when I sit in front of my computer. LOL. anyway! As a camper > now helper in HBC! I remember I used to look reallll foward to HBC as a kid and now instead of calling people jie jie people call me jie jie :) It all seems so surreal! I'll just let pictures do the talking ;)

The kids!

Baby Lucas :)

She has down syndrome but it isnt obvious at all. So cute when kid's worship :)


Me and Huey Ern!! :)

Fooling around when the rest of the people are washing dishes LOL.
Lou Porrrr :)

Preparing the rubber band game for the lil kids. LOL.
Tyler! Damn naughty boy -.-

Peggy I swear you are so cute

Little kids are incredibly cute when they pray.

I pray that God would touch the lives of these kids, that kid's who dont know God can get to know him through HBC, like how I did when I was still a kid :)

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