Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye sucks.

Well, as many of you guys know, I'm leaving Malaysia to far far away to a cold foreign country which is 9859827591857093570+ miles away. And my friends, they play an important role in my life. Whole holiday, I've just been avoiding them until the last 2 weeks. Everyday, I make up excuses to not go and see them because I'm afraid I'll miss them too much. I call this, distancing. Well there are a few friends which I didn't distance myself from. But most of them I did. My awesome classmates threw me a surprise farewell :) I thought I was going for a surprise party turns out that it doubles as a farewell too! Hahaahahhaa. The farewell defo ended in tears before I left but it wasn't that bad. So thank God I distanced. :D But still, theres still that pang that the word Goodbye gives. Furthermore its goodbye for such a long time. I'll miss some people in Ipoh like #^@$^$%!#$!$* no question to that. :( But one of my clasmates, said something really really awesome.

Sze Min: 我们不要哭着欢送Elena好吗? 我们要开心的欢送她...

It translates to, lets not cry to see Elena go, we should be happy as we see her go, only leave with her a happy, crazy memory, not to let her see our crying, sad faces to be her last memory of us before she leaves. Heck I'm crying as I type this :')

But well, yes. May me leaving be with minimal tears :D Rather than crying seeing me go why not smile and anticipate the time I come back? :)

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