Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years.

WOW ITS 1.1.2011. Like 9.9.2009, 10,10,2010 OR 2.4.2010, 2.5.2010 ITS THE ONLY DATE THAT WOULD HAPPEN IN THE WORLD WOW. -.- I really dont get it. I didnt get hyped this new years at all? So I just decided to cancel all my plans for New years eve and spend a quiet new years at home :) I'm kinda pissed that I'm a year older though so the WOW factor when I tell people my age isnt that strong :P This New Years imma not make no resolutions because I never stick to them and its the same thing anyway. Well imma take a trip down memory lane for 2010.

2010 was defo a very very fast year. It zoomed past really really fast. But 2010 was not a really good year for me. It was shit. Well kinda shit but there were good points too. Imma just hope that 2011 would be amazing :)

Things I did in 2010

-Met God, became a Christian.

-Went through the shittiest period of my life.

-Made amazing friends that helped me through my shitty period and I will be forever grateful to these people.

-As stated, made awesome awesome friends :D

-Lost some close friends. :(

-Became vulnerable. But I fixed myself up ;)

-Broke that wall around my heart.

-Got married errr..... 3 times! :D

-Became gay.

-Failed my maths paper.

-Redeemed myself on my next maths paper eventhough I was 2 bloody marks away from an A.

-Plan to begin a new life.

-Got effed up badly by some people.

-Picked up the ukulele, learnt to play the ukulele and currently loves the ukulele :D


-Got a new hairstyle, I finally lost my bangs after 13 years of the same hairstyle.

-Changed my perspective on myself.

-Stopped running about so much in school.

-Played paintball.

-Got ill quite alot.

-Lost people special to me.

-Converted into a Mac user.

-Knocked alot alot more sense into myself compared to 2009.

So thats all I have achieved in 2010! :D Well 2011 better be amazing. I'm going to have a new life, new country, new friends, new culture, new.... everything. I'm quite looking foward to see what 2011 will hold. And I got a feeling that God will make it amazing for me :)

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