Sunday, November 14, 2010

Japan (An extremely lazy post)

Okay I really dont want to go all wordsy and shit. Because I'm too lazy to, LOL. So I'll just let the photos go the talking. Its Autumn in Japan so allthe leaves are like red/orange/yellow. damn pretty. I'm too lazy to post up pictures on my blog either so go check it out on Facebook :) All taken by MUAA. Heres a few,

Mount Fuji.

Autumn colours!

That mountain again.

More autumn colours! :D

Okay since its my 3rd post today ( damn rajin for you all tau ) I'm too lazy so I'm gna go now. Ask me or CHECK MY FACEBOOK for Jap pictures. The albums called "Autumn colours in the city of the rising sun" :)

Byeeeeeeeee. Much lovee! xx

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