Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I miss London! :(

GAH. I might have to sell my Enrique Iglesias ticket because of bloody exams. Frustrated ass now. I miss LONDONNNNNNNNN. Went there for 2 weeks consecutively. It's kinda depressing that I cant go there for like another month now. :(


Like out of all the alcohol I had, this is probs my favourite. Awesome stuff.

OH and this! :D

Made rocky road! :D With marshmallows, dolly mixture, sour snakes, maltesers and fruit pastilles. ITS AWESOME. Overkill with the sticky fruit pastilles though. I make killer rocky road now and its actually fairly easy. FAIRLY. LOL. Because I didnt do the spreading burning hot chocolate all over it part. I MAKE AWESOME CREAMY MASH TOO HAHAHAHA. Self absorbed much but hey people enjoyed it ;)

Cny Lou sang fail. Why are we doing a cny tradition after cny????!! LOL

The London game! No shame of putting this horrible picture here since Mr. David Tearn has already put it on facebook. -.- I LOVE this boardgame but it was SO DAMN FRUSTRATING. The whole table was like swearing and shouting at each other LOL. That was how I looked like halfway through The London game. It was THAT bad. Jo was like hmmm, this is a very well mannered version of this game LOL.

Trying on uke #3450. I saw this solid Mahagony Hamano uke which I really liked, which is like shit expensive I could've got it but decided not to. ._. Might as well spend the money on something like food and buy this sometime else sicne I already have one.

Sara Brielles! Or however you spell her name. LOL. She even sang forget you! Uncensored. ;)

WARM house, awesome company, board games, alcohol, staying in bed until 4, bathing at 3am, having lunch at 5pm, dinner at 11pm, shopping, going out for a movie at 12am then ended up cleaning the house and being too tired and lazy to move, leeching off my beloved sister :P, TESCO'S, NOT SO windy weather etc etc. BE RIGHT BACK IN A MONTH.

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