Sunday, March 6, 2011

What are you doing? "Uhm does being nearly run over count?"

Yes, I nearly got run over..... again. This time i could have died in just the matter of seconds. I know it's not funny but YAAAYYYY IM ALIVE. HAHAHAHAHAHHA. I. AM. ALIVE. The last time I went to church I got disturbed by racist betches, and now I nearly died. I fixed the racist people problem by moving like right next to church. literally. But I still have to bus/walk home for the next 3 weeks because I'm not moving in until then. -.- BUT YEAH IM SO GLAD I DIDN'T DIE. HAHAHAHAH.

It went down like this.
I was walking to the busstop with my friend who was accompanying me and there was no cars at the road. so I crossed. my friend suddenly shouted BE CAREFUL LOOK TO YOUR LEFT, YOUR LEFT. He was shouting in cantonese over and over again but I didn't know what left was in Cantonese, I stopped and looked right, there were no cars, so I just continued running like it would save my life. And it did.While I was running from the corner of my eye I saw a car dangerously close so I picked up my pace and ran faster and I was like shouting in my mind I CAN MAKE THIS I CAN MAKE THIS, when I reached the kerb I felt the wind of a car whiz past me. I was SO RELIEVED that I didn't die. I started jumping around and laughing like a mad person because I was so damn relieved that I didn't get run over by that stupid car. My friend walked over and was like WTF I WAS SO SCARED. I WAS SO PREPARED TO BRING YOU TO THE HOSPITAL. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

And when I told my friend's their like, told you not to go to church. Should have came with us to go and have fun -.- I'm still glad I turned away their offer anyway. I cant help it but HECKYEAHHHHH IM ALIVE.

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