Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm going to smell like alcohol and cigarettes.

You're way too young to be broken,
You're way too young to fall apart,
You're way too young to play these games,
You know you're way too young to have someone lie to you,
But you better start.

I am young,
I drink and I fight and I love just because I'm numb,
Sleeping in a bed and waking up outside
At least I can say I tried
Think I found a message in a bottle
It says “Drink me, drown your sorrows."

Drink the poison lightly
Cuz' there are deeper and darker things than you
I know, cuz' I've been there too
I know it might seem frightening
To have the world fall apart right under your shoes
Trust me, you'll make it through, because I'm here too.

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