Friday, March 4, 2011


I'm blogging from my phone now ;) Blackberry pwns :D in the longass bus ride to school. anyww, I'm actually quite scared, terrified in fact. Scared is an understatement -.- TODAY's Friday! FRIDAY. Time is passing SO quicky! Every week I say the same thing to myself "omg its effing Friday already?!" In Malaysia its like why is Monday so far from Friday and Friday so close to Monday?! Probably its cuz of my thinking, its like omg its Monday -.- but then I think, oh wait, no, its going to be And here its exactly the opposite so, wtf?! Its like I"'ve been here for 2 months now! And a few days hahahaha. And every week passes so quickly in my world, and sooner or later its gonna be october and I'll have to sit for my iGCSE's. :( I realized that wow, time is PRECIOUSSSSS. Once it runs away there's no getting that back. Probably didn't learn that in Malaysia because there's too many distractions for me to study LOL. My attention span is like a burning match. Attention lapses :P until the point where I pay attention in class but my face doesn't look like I am and I get shit from teachers. -.-
Its like "OOOHHH SHINY" Concentration Gone. I'm a very easy distracted person. Bahahahah. So I must find someway to make time not move so quickly LOL.

Exams are up in 21 days. Which is like, 3 weeks. Hopefully I can cover everything :(. I have really cute chemistry and bio note books which all the notes I wrote myself. And wtf I lost my old bio notebook. I think someone stole it cuz I lost my locker key. Enjoy my book you fucktard. I hope you think of how long I used to write my notes and made it look so interesting and pretty. Bitch.

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