Monday, March 21, 2011

Major brats and moving out.

I am finally moving out to boarding! :D I'm pretty depressed but happy at the same time so its like a real mix of emotions. BUT, I am gonna have fun decorating my room HAHA. Its gonna be awesome to be able to like freely take my friends to my room and not need to ask other people etc. It would just be like, LETS GO TO MY ROOM! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Boarding room's are really tiny though but I got a feeling I'm gonna have alot alot of things thrown at me in boarding. And I have to be really smart about it, but nevertheless God will always always be there with me :D And whatthefyuck I'm actually really worried about something HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Inbox me if you wanna know what but yeah I'm actually quite worried :/

And yes everyone in Malaysia, I'm eating well, sleeping well and making friends well. Some people say that I'm awkward around people until they get to know like the real me anyway -.- So stop saying that I'm bloody awkward around people I'm just like that until you get to know me, then I'll make you eat your words, ask anyone in Malaysia/UK ;P I'm quite bloody happy now I had this breakthrough-ish thing tonight and LIFE DOESN'T REALLY SUCK ANYMORE. Just got to have the trust that I'm gonna get through this somehow.

I'm just gonna be like neutral about everything now and not fall hastily into anything. And by the way, totally out of topic but you disgust me. People in Japan, Africa, everywhere are dying of poverty. You're so blessed, so damn blessed to be born with a major silver spoon in your mouth and you're fucking throwing money around like it doesn't matter?! Honestly you disgust me so much. You're such a major brat that just uses money to settle everything. Money cannot buy you real friends. So all the friends that are around you because you bloody pay them to be around you. You make me sick. People like you don't deserve all this.

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