Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm not giving up, not just yet.

Ok. I am not giving up. Scratch those giving up shit. If I do then I would have wasted my effort fighting. And also my friend's efforts trying to help me get through it. I dont want to dissapoint them. So I am going to fight on, even if it kills me. literally. I will fight on. For the sake of all those people who had faith that I can win. And I won 2 times, so why not a thrid? Even though its bigger faster stronger now. I.CAN.WIN. My strength is renew-ed to fight on now. Thanks to someone for scolding me outta it. In fact now I'm pissed that it had the balls to come back. It had the balls to bloody come back and disturb me wtf. Even though it level-ed up, I guess I have to level up too. Even though I feel fucked up, even though I feel that I'm not strong enough, I will be. I will fight through this, with the help of my awesome friends and God. Heck yeah I will be. I wont give up no more. Until the brink of breaking. I'll patch myself up. and continue fighting. And you, watch me.

Lol dont ask me what this posts means if you dont get it. Only a few of my really awesome friend's gets it. :)


  1. wat awesome frens??? ppl who get tis r those who knew u tats y! n bout ur nightmares girl i guess its freddy comin' for u. u know who he is rite ,btw u r kinda of freaky n totally eccentric. wish i could know u better.
    for ur info tis is not written by him but me, as written below

    urs ,
    simon salvatore

  2. Lol another person who thinks hes a vampire. LOL. Awesome friends means people that are closest to me. And no I dont know who freddy is. I know who Fred is though. And no I'm not freaky. And I dont even know you. Why dont you enlighten me on your identity. Because the only Simon I know is my dad.

  3. wat a loser wit nightmares! who am i! go figure RICHARD CRANIUM.......


  4. HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA. You're so funny, you know that? The person who thinks hes a vampire is calling another person loser. Well I dont blame you, seeing as you lost and you're calling another person a loser. The act of a pure sore loser. I think I know who you are but if you want to hide behind computer screens then thats fine by me. Oh wow. What a display of class calling me a Richard Cranium. Thanks. :) Anyway I'm not going to reply you anymore because I refuse to stoop down to your level of incompetence. If you want to continue being a sore loser and continue this childish act then by all means, please continue, as it is providing me and my friends numerous entertainment. :)