Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stop asking me.

** Please stop thinking I'm emo, I'm blogging about this after I talked to my friend about friends and it got me thinking. Lol sounds so weird.

No, I dont have a best friend. So stop asking me if I have any best friends. Ever since young I realize that friends, yes their forever, but sooner or later they would be too busy for you, or somehow you all would grow apart. Yes, you would still be friends but the special bond that's there nomatter how far the distance that supposedly would not be broken, would. I guess friends come and friends go. So the friend I was talking to told me, he used to have this super close friend where they texted every moment, slept over everyday and not even a storm could break them apart, but somehow, they flew apart and when they met each other the other day it was awkward to the max. And to think they were best super close epic friends just a month ago.

Thinking back, I realize that I should start not giving a damn about friendships again because ever since I was like 6 someone taught me there are no best friends forever, because I was best friends with that girl really epicly until we drifted. I think drifted from all of my close friends. I guess friendship isn't something meant or me. HAHAHAHA. So me and my friend decided to analyze WHY FRIEND'S DRIFT:

1) They have no time for you
2) They have other people to replace you
3)Their doing the things you do with them everyday with someone else. (Isnt this the same as number 2? Lol nvm)
4) Never talked to each other for a long time.
5) Got bored of each other? haha.
I used to have friend's so epic we see each other every day, we couldn't get enough of each other, we text/msn/skpe all the time. In fact I have a few like that. But somehow we drifted. But the thing is, nomatter how busy I am, I make sure that I talk to the friend's I really love alot because I belive if I dont the bond might just be broken. No time, make time. I guess I have a fear of losing people I care about. :/ If a day comes that I dont talk to you anymore it means that we were close but I feel that you dont like me talking to you anymore, and have better things to do, so I stop before embarassing myself. But now I can see, who is the friends that care so immensly that they make time, or who are those pretentious bastards. :) I know now, I'm not naive anymore guys. :)

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