Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Penang outing!

I went to penang with MYF during Merdeka. It was really fun! I was really stoned at the same time LOL. I slept at like 4.30 then Shawn and Hoho woke me up at 5 -.- So technically I had like half an hour of sleep. Then at about 5.30 hoho came to fetch me to MYF. I was seriously really stoned + it was so early I could still see the stars. OH AND I MADE SHAWN COME WITH ME LOL. It was really random. It was like about 9pm and I was asking him if I should go or not and he ended up following me. LOL.

Ok lets skip to when we were at Penang.

War museum was FUN! :D And scary, but FUN! I got freaked out when he entered the place.
Zomg. I was damn freaked out la. I didnt dare to snap pictures at the places where people died. -.- and if I was curious if something would pop up I would go, YEEN, SNAP A PICTURE AND SEE IF ANYTHING POPS UP. And nothing ever does and that girl looks dissapointed every time. LOL. From what I learnt, Japanese were CRUEL people.

THEY KILL WITH STUFF LIKE THIS. nuff said. This is like the thing you load into cannons.

Me and Irene were camwhoring at some random mirror in the museum.

After that we went into like this tunnel which gets shorter and you have to bend to get through it plus it was like PITCH BLACK. Thank God Shawn had a torchlight on his phone which lighted up the whole tunnel. But it was sitll really dark.

OH AND I CRAWLED AND CLIMBED UP THIS. This thing was like 30 feet! I WAS REALLY SCARED THAT I MIGHT FALL OR SOMETHING. but I kept telling myself, I wont fall, if I fall everyone behind me will fall, so I climbed SLOWLY and STEADILY and people on top were like OMG LETS SEE HOW KAHYEE CLIMBS LOL. Hoho was like kahyee climbs like climbing a ladder la LOL. Then the rest of the war musem was like so, so.

After that we went to Queensbay. For lunch and shopping. AND THE FUNNIEST THING HAPPENED. Me and Yeen wanted to go into KIDDY LAND, then Shawn was with us. So we went to ask the person, it was RM3 for parents, then Yeen pulled me and was like ME AND HER ARE HIS PARENTS. The person stared at us for awhile then pulled a pair of parents over and said NO, THEY ARE PARENTS. When we went out we realized why, BOTH OF US WERE FEMALE. Damn funny la! We had lunch at the toilet bowl place, AND DAMN WE WERE SITTING ON REAL TOILET BOWLS LOL.

After Queensbay Mall we went to fort cornasomething.
So the only thing we did there was not learn about history, it was more like taking sohai photos and chilling under the sun.


This. was really painful. stupid tree.

Yea, the only unsohai photo we took.

Then we went to dinner with, THIS. view.

Seafood! At some place called prawn village. I dindt eat rice nor drink soup, as usual, so I got scolding frm aunty judy who piled my plate up with food. After dinner we went home and all of us K.O-ed, cos none of us slept properly and we were damn exhausted.

I didnt expect it to be like this fun tbh. I just expected it to be okay, but I had fun nontheless! :) I cant wait for whateveryoucallitinfront mania! :D You stay up from 9pm to 7am. CANT WAIT! :D HANNAH, ORGANIZE IT FASTERRR!

Dont fall for guys who call you sexy instead of beautiful. Their a waste of your time.

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