Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Old Lady

Moments ago, in the car my sister shouted out, "EH, LOOK AT THE POPO, SHES BETTER THAN YOU LEH!" I turned my head and saw an old lady with snow white hair, orange apron, playing jump rope with 2 girls which are probably my age and there was a tinge of embarrassment in her face. I was amazed at the age of this old woman, and yet still playing jump rope, but in that short moment when I was looking at her from my moving car, I saw the look of sheer joy, pure happiness on her face. Suddenly, the old woman wasn't an old woman to me anymore to me, she was beautiful. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. From her white hair, down to her orange apron, she was beautiful. Her smile lighted up her face, making it so radiant. Even though I could tell that she didn't have much, but she was oozing happiness. Someone with so little, could be so happy? I thought. I could feel her happiness just by looking at her in that few seconds. I know that I cannot judge this old woman's life after only looking at her for a few seconds, for all I know she might have been really sad. But from what I saw, at that moment, I can tell that she is really jubilant. That old woman might not know it, but she made me smile.


Happiness, what does that word mean? Or rather, what is the purest form of happiness. Material happiness? Happiness of being with another person? No. The purest form of happiness, I belive, is from that old woman, from what I saw. But, if happiness is so easy then why is so many people sad, is it really that rare? Is it really that hard to obtain? I belive that someday, somehow, everyone would be happy, just like that old woman who was jump roping. Somehow. :)

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