Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Relationships should never come in the way of friendships, and friendships should never come in the way of relationships.

Relationships should never ruin friendships. Friendships should never ruin relationships.

I just talked to my friend who got dumped by his girlfriend because of his friends and I think to myself, why does relationships always come in the way of friendships, and friendships always come in the way of relationships? Cant there be a balance? I think everyone should understand what I'm talking about now, it happened to everyone.

Some people who has relationships totally wipe out their friends. And when they notice we never talked for so long, try remembering how I tried so hard to make conversation but you ignored me because you were too busy with your relationship. Or how about breaking promises because you have a relationship now? I really cant stand people like this. It doesn't mean because you're in love you have to wipe out all of your friendships. Try remembering that friends are forever but relationships are not. And the sad thing is, almost all of my friends are like this.

Another type of people is that their friendships ruin their relationships. Listening to only your friends and not your partner might spell doom for you. You should try to listen to both, friends and your girl/boy friend. To make balance. Yes, you should not wipe your friends out, but not until the point where you wipe your girl/boy friend out.

And to my friend which I talked about this to, stay strong. :)

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