Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sometimes when I think about my life...... I feel like ramming my head into the wall.

And now is one of those moments. Those weak, vulnerable moments which I absolutely abhor. Is the night sky really that powerful? So powerful that I feel like that once the clock shows that its after midnight. Its as if a whole train of negative energy hits me. I dont know why its like this and I cant do anything about it. The moment where I want to sit down and cry. But I cant. Nobody that I can talk to. I'm back, living in my own world despite having so much friends around me. I need someone to talk to. But I cant because I have no idea whats wrong too. So I just answer I dont know, with the sudden overload of negative energy. Even though everyones still awake, still online, it just doesn't feel right anymore. I find it funny that when I say I'm okay. You guys believe me. And I hate being not ok. None of my friend's actually get me anymore, sad to say. but ohwell. what can I do. Except fight my own fight.

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