Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boyfriend Requirements! NEW AND UPDATED!!


1) He must be hot. like really hot. gay hot kinda hot. Sexy hot with killer eyes, BUFF BODY(not overly muscle cos thats just disgusting) and tall.

2) He must not hesitate to splurge on his girlfriend.

3) He must be smart. Not nessasarily super smart but smart enough.

4) He must compromise with me. always. ALWAYS.

5) He must never lay eyes/flirt/go out with another girl without his girlfriend's permission/without her knowledge(IM CONTROLLING LIKE THAT TOO.LOL.)

6) He must be super spontaneously romantic. A kind that would call you out for dinner and suddenly cooks everything himself, plays violin for you, give you a bunch of roses and say i love you :) To the boys: Be spontaneous with romance.

7) Someone who would care for my feelings, and not be absorbed in his own world.

8) Someone who says goodnight everynight and i love you everyday without beeing annoying.

9) Understands me even though I make no sense.

10) Loves me for who I am. Not who my dad is, not who my friends are.

11) Someone who likes to make sure that I'm okay :)

12) Someone that knows when to ask me if everything's okay, or just envelope me in a hug.(He has to have a warm snuggly hug too)

13) He has to have a great smile.

14) He must love animals.

15) He must only listen to his girlfriend :D

16) He must help his gf take her bag and all her stuff when he's with her. (I know quite a few guys like that damn sweet)

17) He must be KIND and COMPASSIONIATE.

18) He must hate everyone who makes fun/hates his gf. ahem. (YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT TRUDIE LEE)

19) He must never ever be flirtatious.

20) One look and knows what I'm feeling. To know if I'm fine or not.

21) Gives me all his attention.

22) Never lie to me.

23) Someone who would play the guitar/ukulele and sing to me ;)

24) Yeah I may be obnoxious and a total unmusnabah at times but you must compromise with me. Always. ALWAYS.COMPROMISE. Dont care :P


I bolded them important ones :D I swear imma date whoever who can do all 25 :D

I dont think anyone like that exists maybe guys that have the qualities of half the list MAYYBEE exists but yeah. My boyfriend requiments are IMPOSSIBLE TO MEET. HAHAHAHAH. Let a girl dream. sheesh. imma be a nun.

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  1. A boy whos never horny? haha unless u r 12yrs old i would forget trying to find this quality unless u want to date a homosexual. Not trying to be rude or mean i just found that funny.
    LOvely blog by the way.
    You portray such innocence yet i still sense that you are much older than you look- (especially in your photo, perhaps?).
    just wondering the web and ran into this while googleing headphones i might be interested in buying. super random, i know.
    ta ta.
    -THe TwiTch MiDgEt-._,*