Sunday, August 22, 2010


I protected you from all the backstabs, all the rumours. I made sure that people who said shit about you gets shit. I spent alot of time on you. I spent alot of time doing shit for you and making sure you were okay. I treated you like a freaking princess. I didnt let anyone harm you. I did everything you asked me to do.

And what did you do for me? Do you even care? You treat me as a freaking replacement, despite all the shit I done for you. This friendship isnt fair. It never was. I just never saw it. Actually I did, I just ignored it. I guess the only thing I saw was you. I gave my all for you. My fault for being so stupid. This friendship should never have happened. I get hurt every single time I get involved, so I guess I should stop getting involved. Its like everyone's hobby now isnt it. Making me feel this way. I've been stubborn all along. I get pissed everytime someone talks about you and everyone knows its a sensitive issue to talk about you to me. So much for being friends huh?

I guess I just have to move on. Away from you. To someone else who would really care, who gives their all to ME, so I can give my all to them, because I'm sick of giving my all to someone, who wont give their all to me. And my all is alot. You have no idea how much my all is despite me showing it to you everyday. You're oblivious. I'm glad to have this realization, finally after someone talked some sense into me. Someone that suceeded talking sense into me as I was ignoring all my other friends words.

Goodbye, girl. I wont miss you, not anymore. I can do so much better. I love you.

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