Saturday, August 28, 2010


Created, done, drawn, taken by Me! :)

Give me my heart back. You dont deserve a heart as good as mine. In fact, you wont get another one as good as mine. Never did, never will. You dont return my love, even though I love you and gave you my heart, but you dont deserve it. Heck, you dont even appreciate it. So give it back to me bastard, it does not belong to you. You want another girls heart, after you wanted and got mine. So go away and return me my heart, ass.

P.S: Pictures like this can be found in facebook! My wall photos album! :D

Why so many people asking me why I so emo, I'm NOT emo/pissed/sad ect. :D I just had fantastic load of fun!! It was just a description. Thanks for all your concern anyway :) Love you guys! I SWEAR YOU GUY'S NEGATIVE AURA IS RUBBING OFF ON ME. I SWEAR IT IS.

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